That Electric Crackle Sound

Music is my life for good reason. It is a dynamic and exciting world. New creations are constantly stimulating your senses. Sometimes they evoke completely new thoughts.

I heard a new song that had just come out and hadn’t yet read anything about it. It has some odd sounds that I couldn’t identity. I asked some friends to listen on their own to tell me what it might be. I have heard of many composers and artists who like to use “found sounds,” that is, everyday objects like pots and pans, the whirr of a mixer, the roar of a vacuum, etc. We all listened numerous times until the unusual sounds were identified. One of my friends is interested in self defense and by that I don’t just mean martial arts. He carries pepper spray and a stun gun after reading Self Defense Guide. By golly, that is the source of that electric crackling noise. Now I get it. I don’t know whether to love or hate it. It is rather innovative to be sure.

I wonder what other people hear? Now I know. After a while, I read a sharp review of the “new music” and while the writer liked the sound, she did not like the idea of something violent featured in a popular song. This gave me pause and prompted me to think about the issue and share it with the readers of my blog since they represent a good cross section of values. Once you get a picture of where I stand, you can decide for yourself. My friend had no problem accepting the source of the sounds as he promotes carrying a stun gun. I do not. I believe that there is enough violence in this world and glorifying a weapon seems inappropriate, especially for young people. I believe people are becoming immune to violence due to movies, TV, the news, and now music.

Hearing the song will annoy previous victims of assaults. Some of them have been subjected to stun gun shocks. It isn’t always the criminal who feels the pain. Meanwhile, it is a topic of debate that has elicited more than a few responses to the review. I have given you my two cents. Most parents are on my side and have asked their children not to listen. It is like the issue they have with violence-promoting rap lyrics. It is difficult to combat something so prevalent. Unfortunately, all the ranting and raving has done nothing just like in the old days of rock and roll. Preachers were obsessed with condemning it for its promotion of sex and violence. Now it seems so tame. Will that happen with the use of weapons to make music?

Most people these days go with the flow and a few instances of violent sounds will probably go unheeded. It was interesting nonetheless to debate the issue from an ethical and moral standpoint. We don’t often do that these days, especially in regard to the arts.

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