Outdoor Concert Must-Haves

I love to listen to music quietly ensconced on the couch where my full attention can be on the selection at hand. I crave the kind of full absorption this brings. Sure, I like music at parties and other social occasions as well although the songs are usually interrupted by conversation or people singing along. A life full of music anywhere or anytime is what I seek and hope to impart that to you. It is a vital life-long need that is easily fulfilled as music is surely all around us. It is a matter of controlling what we want to hear and when we want it. For me that is most of the time. I have a nice collection of favorites from which I can draw as the mood moves me. Other times I invite friend over for music and snacks so it is a communal experience. Everyone brings their own choices as well. It is a great way to share, to enjoy new music, and to feel like you are newly alive.

An outdoor concert is also a wonderful communal experience and I seek them out as I can. They are few and far between in my area so you better believe that I am there at each and every one. Some of them are all day and go into the night so you need to bring your supplies. If you sit in the sun, then sunblock is essential unless you want to look like a red beet the next day. Some venues are known to be bug infested, especially during the summer when the air is humid and the temperatures soar. Bug spray is your next important item for any well-supplied backpack. Water and food are often available at these outdoor concerts by assorted vendors. I like the ones that cook fresh hamburgers and hot dogs on a grill. If you are in doubt, bring anything you think you might need as an additional snack. Some people like beer, which is not always sold on site.

At night, you might need a light jacket or a fleece hoodie. You will know in advance what the expected conditions will be from the weather report. I remember a few times when I couldn’t read the program notes because it was so dark. There might be some distant illumination but the audience section of the venue is often poorly lit. Now I know to bring a flashlight. You don’t need anything huge or powerful. Just a cheap flashlight that you don’t mind dropping or forgetting. You will find it so useful that it will never leave your side during the later hours of the concert. It can also light your way to the restrooms, food vendors, or the parking lot. If you are in a group, more than one could be useful so mention it to your friends. Thus, you have my suggestions for making an outdoor concert comfortable so you can truly not worry and just enjoy the music.

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