Music: What Can be Said About Our Taste in Music?

Taste in Music

Have you ever wondered what constitutes the type of music a person likes?  What makes one individual love country music while another despises it?  And why do some people adore classical yet others cannot stand it?

Even young children, even babies have music preferences.  There are kids who rock out to classic rock and others who just scream and cry when exposed to it.  Some babies are comforted by the soft tunes of classical music while it has the opposite effect on others.  But…why?

Without a doubt, music can remind us of events or people, positive or negative.  Someone who worshiped his or her parents who listened to oldies music, most likely will love the sounds of that type of music.  Others who had a hard childhood where the same music was played, may not react in the same way.  They may hate that kind of music.

When, where and by whom the music was introduced does play a huge part in the way we perceive it.  That is just common sense.  But what about babies and small children who show a strong like or dislike for a certain genre?

It is thought that our music preference might not only be a product of our surroundings but also may be in our genes, literally.  In fact, the effects of music and the reasons why has been the subject of many research studies, even extremely complicated scientific ones.

It is hypothesized that perhaps it is the tones of music that make a person like or dislike certain tunes.  The tone, or sound, of a note can draw some in while tuning some out.  It is believed that it may be caused by things that are actually programed in our very DNA.

No matter why we like what we like and hate what we hate, the fact remains.  Perhaps it can be changed and perhaps not.  You may have never liked rock music but find yourself married to a person who loves it.  The more you are exposed to it, the more you find yourself jamming to it as well.  Or…not.

Some people like to listen to downbeat, sad music while others like faster paced music.  Some like hard, metal sounds while others love the drum beat or piano.  There are many who enjoy a raspy female voice but cringe when opera music is sung and….vice versa.

Perhaps exposure can change what we like and dislike as far as music goes.  Perhaps we had a bad experience with one genre of music but that changes and we become a fan of it.  Then again, maybe our preferences are so deeply embedded in our physical make-up, we have no control over what sounds we celebrate and those we can barely tolerate.

It is interesting than in study on music, it was noted that upon meeting, people who liked the same music, tended to have an initial bond.  Is that because they share a liking?  Would the same be true if the two discovered they both liked apple pie?  Or, could it be that they are similar in at least some of their biological make up?

There are many things we may never know about our personal preference in music.  Then again there are many things we do know.  The fact is, we like what we like and most of us are quite adamant about our taste in music and that, my friends, helps to make us who we are.