Live venues are not to be missed at least a few times in life. Who hasn’t been to at least one rock, pop, or country concert, taking in the lights, the sound, and the crowd? Everything happens at once. It’s amazing how in sync it all is: the artistic and technical elements fuse and combine producing one big exciting event. The stars come out in a blaze of glory under the spotlights and the music begins. The crowd sits rapt at first and still. It looks like rent-a-crowd. Then they loosen up and go wild with adulation and glee. People say there most inspiring moments are witnessing music in the flesh so to speak. The madness of the crowd is catching and the moment is sublime under the best circumstances.

The music world is just that exciting when you are dealing with the top level of performing artists. People will sit in the cold for hours or days, lined up to get tickets. (But they will sit longer, for days, for Black Friday sales.) They will brave rain, sleet, and snow—anything and everything to gain admission. Conversely, they will doff their duds and get down to their t-shirts and tanks in acceptance of the heat of sweltering bodies cramped in a small airless space. It is all for the music, all for the joy. And that comes in spades with the right artists and venues. Fans know it. I know it.

I remember one small intimate concert not long ago with a second tier artist that was well attended in spite of the summer sizzler day. Everyone was bravely packed in with only a ceiling fan or two to stir up a bit of a breeze. It was pretty hard to stay awake and focused. You had to be a diehard to stay put. Because the featured group was late, the air became thin and it was difficult to breathe. Many eyes became glazed over and many were becoming pale. Two people actually fainted! There is only so much a crowd can take, even a loyal engaged one. Thank God there were spectators remaining at all when the band came out, also sweating profusely. The audience was probably stuck to its seats or too feeble to move. The ceiling fans became the most important electrical equipment in the room that day, far surpassing the amps in importance.

We all have our tales to tell and some horror stories here and there (when crowds get unruly and stampedes occur. Pretty scary!). I am thinking of getting a portable backpack size battery-operated mini fan for emergencies. I may look like a middle aged matron having hot flashes, but I don’t care. If you can get a little air on your face, you can tackle almost anything. It is a cheap and easily stored answer to unforeseen moments when the temperature in a room is just too much to bear. Get one online for a few bucks and be prepared, Boy Scout style.

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