Music Mania and Those Who Make Their Living From It


Music makes the world go round and for some of us, it also IS our world.  Not only are some of us consumed with music, it’s also our bread and butter.

They say that those who are fortunate enough to make our living from music, in one form or another…are fortunate enough.  I am inclined to believe that is true.  There are a myriad of those of us who are lucky enough to do so from the songwriters who write to music, the artists who sing and play, all the way down to those of us who sell it.

The evolution of the music industry has been an ever changing one.  The more technical of a society we become, the more diverse the field is.  That has enabled a greater number of people to get into the music career who would not have in days gone by.

Takes mixers, for instance. Although it takes a great deal of talent to mix, that field of music didn’t even exist not so long ago.  Now, one can make a very comfortable living by mixing and may even enjoy fame and fortune if they are great at it.

Talent scouts aren’t new.  There have been people who earn their living searching for great musicians for many years.  What has changed is the number of people doing so.  There are so many avenues of music and so many genres too that it has made the field of scouting wide open which is a great thing for those who have a sharp eye for talent.

Music journalists are in demand more now than ever.  Not only do they have a huge number of musicians and bands to write about, the worldwide web has opened up a whole new audience.  Websites focusing on musicians or music based information are constantly in need of great articles, blogs and interviews too.  Music based e-books are also big sellers, opening a whole new field for writers who focus on music and musicians.

Here’s one you probably never thought of, a music therapist.  These days, you can actually make a living by mastering in the healing techniques of music.  You can even acquire a license in the field and make a pretty decent income sharing the healing power of music with others.

Of course if you are technically talented, the music field is wide open to you now.  Modern day technology has infiltrated the music world and has created jobs that were never even heard of before.

With the number of radio stations growing all the time, the need for disc jockeys is constantly growing as well.  If you have an ear for music and possess the gift of gab, you may just be perfect for the job.  Not only do these personalities work on the radio but also hire out for parties, weddings and other events.

Last but not least are those who market music.  There are wholesalers, retailers and those in between.  Although music is often electronically transmitted when it is purchased in these modern days, there are and always will be those who appreciate a good hard copy for their collection.

The field of music is growing and I suspect that will not be changing anytime soon which comes as extra good news for those of us lucky enough to enjoy making our living from it.

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